DriftMission has been testing the new Speedline Original tires! The design of tires is sloped and curved, so the tires contact patch to track will changes constantly with smooth. Therefore this will help the drift perform more efficiency. Also you can select the tires incline-level by switching on the flip side too as up to your prefer!
      Testing Speedline CG-1 tires on Front only. test to compare with Heiko tries.
Results are amazing, these tires should have their name changed to CL "Constant Lock"!
      SPEEDLINE ORIGINAL wheel rims 52x26mm is the standard size, universal use for RC car on road 1:10 scale to worldwide. This wheel rims been tested from Top-rank experienced RC drifters as they accepted for perfect results.
      Again for driving drift off Drift 44 is recognized worldwide as a pro player's technical level.
This time tested special size wheels speedline 2.2 by showing that the size of this particular wheel.
He can also control the car accurately and efficiently in a drift also show the batting skills to see.
If you crazy in RC drifting...don't miss!
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